Authorization to Import / Export Radiation Devices(Sealed)
Application for Authorization to Import / Export Radiation Devices(Sealed)

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Required documents for your application
First time application:
  • Installation and Training of operators contract
  • Repair and maintenance including warranty contract
  • Return or change of source after useful life contract
  • Compliance of radioactive materials and equipment incorporating the sources with recognized international standards. If so identify the standards and any applicable classification numbers
  • Details of the preparations made for premises at which the radioactive materials will be stored prior to installation; and used or installed
Payable fee for the license
First time application:
  • Diagnostic Radiology Application fee: Free
  • Diagnostic Radiology License fee: Free
  • Medicine, Radiotherapy Application Fee: 100,000 RWF
  • Medicine, Radiotherapy License fee: 500,000 RWF
  • Gauges Application Fee: Free
  • Gauges License Fee: Free
  • Well logging Application Fee: Free
  • Well logging License Fee: Free
  • Industrial irradiator Application Fee: Free
  • Industrial irradiator License Fee: Free
  • Industrial radiography Application Fee: Free
  • Industrial radiography License Fee: Free
  • Nuclear research reactor/power plant Application fee: Free
  • Nuclear research reactor/power plant License fee: Free
  • Nuclear medicine Application Fee: Free
  • Nuclear medicine License Fee: Free
License Validity
Processing time
Within 15 days
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