License of Radiation Facility Site Assessment
Radiation Facility Site Assessment License

Contact Email:, Contact Phone: 250783798859

Required documents for your application
First time application:
  • Company domestic registration certificate
  • Lay out of the facility
  • Professional registration(s) and license(s) of workers
  • Land title certificate
  • Details/ Specifications of Radiation Source(s) intended to be used in the facility
Payable fee for the license
First time application:
  • Application fee (Diagnostic Radiology): Free
  • License fee(Diagnostic Radiology): Free
  • Application fee(Nuclear Medicine): Free
  • License fee(Nuclear Medicine): Free
  • Application fee (Gauges): Free
  • License (Gauges): Free
  • Application fee (Well logging): Free
  • License fee(Well logging): Free
  • Application fee (Industrial irradiator): Free
  • License fee(Industrial irradiator): Free
  • Application fee(Industrial radiography): Free
  • License fee (Industrial radiography): Free
  • Application fee(Nuclear research reactor/power plant accreditation): Free
  • License fee(Nuclear research reactor/power plant accreditation): Free
  • Application fee (Radiotherapy): 200,000 RWF
  • License fee (Radiotherapy): 500,000 RWF
License Validity


Processing time
Within 15 days
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